Guns for Jesus – Come and Get ’em


A church in Kentucky tried a new tactic to get people to come to church… a free gun give away. It would only cost you…. your life? (Matt 16:25)

The church hosted a steak dinner and had guest speaker Chuck McAlister come and talk. At some point in the evening a dew would take place for 25 lucky winners to take home a gun.

When I first read about this, I was like wait what? The church is doing what? I sat in a little bit of disbelief. But the more I thought about it I was like, well there is nothing really “wrong” about it per se. After all “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. But I think what concerned me more was the report I was listening to about this story. The reporter made a comment about, how does this match up with the teachings of Jesus and how they say to love one another.

Although there is nothing wrong with what the church was doing, they followed all the laws, we need to ensure that the method we are using is not turning away more people than it is gaining.

However with that being said, apparently 1,000 people “gave their lives to Jesus” that night. So although the idea may be controversial it seemed to work. Perhaps we can all learn a lesson from this and begin to think outside the box for new ministry ideas.