Jesus Christ is my $&*#!@*#


Churches today are always talking about how we need to stay relevant. We need to preach the message of the gospels in a way that youth in today’s culture can understand it.

I definitely think the people in the following video took those instructions a little too literally.

When people tell you to stay relevant I’m not sure they meant that we need to refer to God as our n****. Whatever bonus marks that gained for creativity they lost for being offensive. Although I understand what the couple were trying to communicate, maybe, Jesus is our friend the person we hangout with and chill and talk with but this was not an affective means of communication.

Finding a way to turn this rap fiasco around and finding some good in it is a little difficult but there are some truths found in the lyrics. Although you really have to push past the bad beats and the graphic language found in it in order to here any good.



How Catholics Know They’re Driving Too Fast.


I saw this little meme the other day and I laughed…
Possibly a little too hard at it.
I’ve always believed God has a good sense elf humour and that he would appreciate my good sense of humour also.

Although the image is really funny it made me begin to think harder. Is that all we’ve made Jesus out to be? A symbol that we hang in our cars? Or a tattoo we get on our bodies? A bracelet we wear, or a picture we hang? Is Jesus just a product we’re selling, like we would with any other symbol?

I think that our society has turned Jesus into a profit, something that is sellable. Which works out great for the people selling him. But the problem is we are cheapening Jesus in raising the prices of our products.

Jesus isn’t a knickknack that we can sell or buy. Jesus is so much more than that. Jesus can have no price limit because the work he has done on the cross is… PRICELESS.


Jesus came to be… not-so-compassionate?


In 2006 famous musician, Elton John was quoted saying,

“From my point of view I would ban religion completely, even though there are some wonderful things about it. I love the idea of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the beautiful stories about it, which I loved in Sunday school and I collected all the little stickers and put them in my book. But the reality is that organised religion doesn’t seem to work. It turns people into hateful lemmings and it’s not really compassionate.” 
– Elton JohnThe Observer, November 12, 2006

Elton John points out what a lot of people are thinking. A lot of people think Christians are these hypocrites, who are anti everything and hate all people with different beliefs. And too often we as Christians prove them right.

But is this what Jesus came to say? In a previous post I talked about how the church has been misrepresenting Jesus. Well maybe it’s because even those in the church have misunderstood the message of Jesus. The Bible isn’t simply full of these “cute” stories with good morals, the Bible contains life changing truth. The truth that before the universe ever existed God choose us. God’s love is so great that he wanted humans to experience it, knowing he could not force us to choose his love he created us with a free will. He knew the risk of doing this would mean that some would choose to walk away from his love.  Yet he invites us into this relationship, and this adventurous life with him. The best part is that this isn’t limited to the VIP access cards, but this is an open invitation for all people.

These “stories” in the the Bible need to go beyond stories that we hear and become life changing truths to us. When that happens Christian will catch what Jesus and God is all about; which is love. The two greatest commandments are Love God, and Love people.

In order to change the way the world views Christians we need to start living the way Jesus taught us to live, with compassion and love.


Jesus Likes to Party Rock


In LMFAO’s music video to “Party Rock Anthem” there is a very brief clip near the end where you see Jesus dancing (you can find this clip at 5:45 in the video).
Although the clip is brief it made me think, how often do people think that Christianity is boring, that all it contains is a list of do’s and do nots. Yet Jesus offers a very different life than that. Life lived with Jesus is a life of adventure, excitement and risk, there is nothing boring about a life completely sacrificed for Jesus.

Could it be however that instead of living this life of adventure, offered by Jesus, Christians have settled for lukewarm lives, being just Christian enough to make it into heaven?

Here in the few seconds of this music video I think you catch a better glimpse of what Jesus was actually like than you do looking at most Christian’s lives. Jesus was fun, he lived his brief life to the fullest. And he offers us a life that is way more fun than sitting in a dusty chapel following a bunch of rules.

Christian’s should get out of the comfort of being lukewarm and live the craziest adventure ever offered to anyone. A life dedicated to God.

Is church misrepresenting Jesus?


Church. According to the Bible the church is to be the bride of Christ.
But has tradition and human theology distorted the message of the church?
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ song “Church” ft. Geo says,
“The word of our God is manipulated and twisted by the same system
That is infiltrated and falsely interpreted Jesus”
Macklemore is fairly known for his “thinking rap”,
that is rapping about ideas that are being seen in culture.
Much of the message of this song is how church isn’t connecting with people.

When you look at Jesus’ ministry in the Bible it is all about connecting with people.
Yet here in Macklemore’s Song he talks about how the Pastor speaks words but it never connects.
He also says how talking to God is like talking in Morse Code.
Has the church’s traditions over complicated the message Jesus brought?
The message that says that God loves the world so much that he created us just so we could experience his love.
The message that says before we were ever created God had prethought us and made a way that we could be in relationship with him?
A message of hope and love.

Maybe the church needs to rethink how they’re doing ministry.
Maybe the church needs to rethink the message they’re sending.
Maybe we as a church need to make the message of Jesus clear.
Maybe the church needs to start being the church. 

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Yeezus Meets Jesus


In the summer of 2013 Kanye West, an influential hip hop artist released his sixth studio album. This album was called Yeezus. Following the release of his album Kanye went on tour. Kanye presented himself as this ‘Yeezus’ character. As a part of Kanye’s performance another actor came on stage portraying Jesus. To which Kanye says, “White Jesus is that you?” and this led into Kanye’s performance of his 2004 hit song, ‘Jesus Walks’.

Following the beginning of his tour in an interview Kanye explains that his reason for bringing ‘Jesus’ into his performance was to show his audience, “You can have a relationship with Jesus. That you can talk to Jesus…”

As a common bystander I was shocked. You hear artists proclaim that they are Christians all the time yet there is really no evidence to back that up. It’s empty words. So forgive me for being a little skeptical about Kanye and his reasoning for bringing “Jesus” into his performance.

I like what Kanye had to say, We can have a relationship with Jesus, we can talk with Jesus, he’s there for us to start a relationship with at every moment of everyday. What Kanye had to say was the truth. But if all he has is words… does he really believe what he is saying.

Now I’m not about to judge his heart or character. I’m not about to try and claim that he is a christian or isn’t a christian. Thats not for me to say. I don’t know Kanye I don’t know what his life is like outside of the spotlight. But I do know that in order for your words to mean anything your actions need to follow up.

So I like what Kanye had to say, “You can have a relationship with Jesus. That you can talk to Jesus…” but as a fellow Christian I know that time with Jesus changes our character. If you are actively participating in a relationship with the Almighty God who created the heavens and the earth, you’re going to come out a different person than you went in. So if Kanye is proclaiming to be a Christian and believes in having a relationship with God, that’s awesome. I desire for everyone to have a relationship with God, I just pray his actions display what his words proclaim.