How Catholics Know They’re Driving Too Fast.


I saw this little meme the other day and I laughed…
Possibly a little too hard at it.
I’ve always believed God has a good sense elf humour and that he would appreciate my good sense of humour also.

Although the image is really funny it made me begin to think harder. Is that all we’ve made Jesus out to be? A symbol that we hang in our cars? Or a tattoo we get on our bodies? A bracelet we wear, or a picture we hang? Is Jesus just a product we’re selling, like we would with any other symbol?

I think that our society has turned Jesus into a profit, something that is sellable. Which works out great for the people selling him. But the problem is we are cheapening Jesus in raising the prices of our products.

Jesus isn’t a knickknack that we can sell or buy. Jesus is so much more than that. Jesus can have no price limit because the work he has done on the cross is… PRICELESS.