Is church misrepresenting Jesus?


Church. According to the Bible the church is to be the bride of Christ.
But has tradition and human theology distorted the message of the church?
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ song “Church” ft. Geo says,
“The word of our God is manipulated and twisted by the same system
That is infiltrated and falsely interpreted Jesus”
Macklemore is fairly known for his “thinking rap”,
that is rapping about ideas that are being seen in culture.
Much of the message of this song is how church isn’t connecting with people.

When you look at Jesus’ ministry in the Bible it is all about connecting with people.
Yet here in Macklemore’s Song he talks about how the Pastor speaks words but it never connects.
He also says how talking to God is like talking in Morse Code.
Has the church’s traditions over complicated the message Jesus brought?
The message that says that God loves the world so much that he created us just so we could experience his love.
The message that says before we were ever created God had prethought us and made a way that we could be in relationship with him?
A message of hope and love.

Maybe the church needs to rethink how they’re doing ministry.
Maybe the church needs to rethink the message they’re sending.
Maybe we as a church need to make the message of Jesus clear.
Maybe the church needs to start being the church. 


One thought on “Is church misrepresenting Jesus?

  1. I listened to the song and hear the critique. I agree that we need to listen – are we as God’s Community really truly representing Jesus well or have we fallen into the same trap as Israel did and present a distorted view of God? Given the reactions such as Macklemore’s – we need to revisit what we are saying and what we are living! Good Post!

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