Jesus Likes to Party Rock


In LMFAO’s music video to “Party Rock Anthem” there is a very brief clip near the end where you see Jesus dancing (you can find this clip at 5:45 in the video).
Although the clip is brief it made me think, how often do people think that Christianity is boring, that all it contains is a list of do’s and do nots. Yet Jesus offers a very different life than that. Life lived with Jesus is a life of adventure, excitement and risk, there is nothing boring about a life completely sacrificed for Jesus.

Could it be however that instead of living this life of adventure, offered by Jesus, Christians have settled for lukewarm lives, being just Christian enough to make it into heaven?

Here in the few seconds of this music video I think you catch a better glimpse of what Jesus was actually like than you do looking at most Christian’s lives. Jesus was fun, he lived his brief life to the fullest. And he offers us a life that is way more fun than sitting in a dusty chapel following a bunch of rules.

Christian’s should get out of the comfort of being lukewarm and live the craziest adventure ever offered to anyone. A life dedicated to God.


Did Jesus come to Judge?


Popular rapper Jay-Z released a song called “lucifer” right away with a name like that, I get a little on edge. What is this song going to be about? And preparing myself for the worst, as if I was about hear Jay-Z worship the devil I turned on the song and read the lyrics.

As it turns out the song is about one of his fiends being killed in an accident. One part of the song caught my attention though:

“I got dreams of holding a Nine milla
To Bobs killer
Asking him “why?” as my eyes fill up
These days I can’t wake up with a dry pillow
Gone but not forgotten Holmes I still feel ya
So… curse the day that birthed the bastard
Who caused your Church mass
Reverse the crash
Reverse the blast
And reverse the car
Reverse the day, and there you are
Lord forgive him we all have sinned
But Bobs a good dude please let him in
And if you feel in my heart that I long for revenge
Please blame it on the sun of the mourning
Thanks Again”
Jay-Z raps about taking revenge on his friends killer and there is a lot of emotion behind this as he says he cries every night. But then he says “Lord forgive him we all have sinned, but Bobs a good dude please let him in.” I just thought to myself how often is it that after someone days we pray for their salvation. But that person had their whole life to change, had their whole life to be in relationship with God. Now after they’re gone it’s too late.
If Jesus had come only to judge sinners and either grant them eternal paradise or eternal damnation then maybe that prayer would make sense.
But Jesus didn’t come to judge. The reason he came to earth wasn’t so he could have the authority to judge people. Can he do that? Yes. Will people get judged? Yes. But is that WHY Jesus came? No.
Jesus came so that the relationship between the trinity and humans could be restored. He came so that redemption was possible. He came so that we can experience the intimate love of God.
So although Jay-Z’s prayer in this song is the prayer of many others, he missed the point.
Jesus didn’t come to judge, he came to love and to restore.


Is church misrepresenting Jesus?


Church. According to the Bible the church is to be the bride of Christ.
But has tradition and human theology distorted the message of the church?
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ song “Church” ft. Geo says,
“The word of our God is manipulated and twisted by the same system
That is infiltrated and falsely interpreted Jesus”
Macklemore is fairly known for his “thinking rap”,
that is rapping about ideas that are being seen in culture.
Much of the message of this song is how church isn’t connecting with people.

When you look at Jesus’ ministry in the Bible it is all about connecting with people.
Yet here in Macklemore’s Song he talks about how the Pastor speaks words but it never connects.
He also says how talking to God is like talking in Morse Code.
Has the church’s traditions over complicated the message Jesus brought?
The message that says that God loves the world so much that he created us just so we could experience his love.
The message that says before we were ever created God had prethought us and made a way that we could be in relationship with him?
A message of hope and love.

Maybe the church needs to rethink how they’re doing ministry.
Maybe the church needs to rethink the message they’re sending.
Maybe we as a church need to make the message of Jesus clear.
Maybe the church needs to start being the church. 

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