Yeezus Meets Jesus


In the summer of 2013 Kanye West, an influential hip hop artist released his sixth studio album. This album was called Yeezus. Following the release of his album Kanye went on tour. Kanye presented himself as this ‘Yeezus’ character. As a part of Kanye’s performance another actor came on stage portraying Jesus. To which Kanye says, “White Jesus is that you?” and this led into Kanye’s performance of his 2004 hit song, ‘Jesus Walks’.

Following the beginning of his tour in an interview Kanye explains that his reason for bringing ‘Jesus’ into his performance was to show his audience, “You can have a relationship with Jesus. That you can talk to Jesus…”

As a common bystander I was shocked. You hear artists proclaim that they are Christians all the time yet there is really no evidence to back that up. It’s empty words. So forgive me for being a little skeptical about Kanye and his reasoning for bringing “Jesus” into his performance.

I like what Kanye had to say, We can have a relationship with Jesus, we can talk with Jesus, he’s there for us to start a relationship with at every moment of everyday. What Kanye had to say was the truth. But if all he has is words… does he really believe what he is saying.

Now I’m not about to judge his heart or character. I’m not about to try and claim that he is a christian or isn’t a christian. Thats not for me to say. I don’t know Kanye I don’t know what his life is like outside of the spotlight. But I do know that in order for your words to mean anything your actions need to follow up.

So I like what Kanye had to say, “You can have a relationship with Jesus. That you can talk to Jesus…” but as a fellow Christian I know that time with Jesus changes our character. If you are actively participating in a relationship with the Almighty God who created the heavens and the earth, you’re going to come out a different person than you went in. So if Kanye is proclaiming to be a Christian and believes in having a relationship with God, that’s awesome. I desire for everyone to have a relationship with God, I just pray his actions display what his words proclaim.


One thought on “Yeezus Meets Jesus

  1. It is definitely controversial. I guess the question to ask is does he represent the Jesus of the gospels? I don’t know and as you say, why should we judge? Some artists attract their audience by lesser things to get them to hear the really big thing they want to convey. Wonder if this is what Kanye is really doing?

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